"Recommended by the Frida Kahlo Museum and the Dolores Olmedo Museum" 

Frida’s World will teach both parents and children of all ages about the biography of the infamous Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo, and how she developed her unique and influential style. Emphasizing how Frida turned the challenges in her life into opportunities for growth, ‘Frida’s World’ will impart valuable lessons to your children. With perseverance, Frida became one of the most important and influential artists of the 20th century.

More than simply a book, Frida’s World is an interactive journey which is completely bilingual in Spanish and English, allowing children to practice and learn new worlds in both languages. The different options, ‘Autoplay’, ‘Narration’, and ‘Read the Book’ allow kids who are not yet reading, as well as readers of different levels, to feel comfortable with the app. This motivational app is not only educational, but also inspires children to feel proud of their individuality and to embrace their own creative styles.