Kids Yogaverse: I AM SUN, I AM MOON brings together two of the most loved yoga flows known as the Sun and Moon Salutations of Hatha yoga. Building blocks for yoga practices worldwide, these fundamental postures offer children healthy ways to awaken the body and settle the mind.

In this beautifully hand drawn Kids’ Yoga Journey app, we retell the story of yoga’s birth 5000 years ago through the eyes and hearts of two mythological children from India’s Indus Valley. The young boy Ha is a proud, strong sun warrior who wakes us up for an energetic adventure flow to find his true purpose in life. But when Ha goes missing in the forests of India, it is up to Tha, a radiant moon princess, to find the brave warrior and in turn, discover the special light in herself.

Hidden among the changing Indian landscapes on each page, children can seek out the hidden Ha as well! Along with a vibrant cast of nature’s characters, from the Painted Elephant and the Fierce Tiger to the Banyan Tree and Lotus, kids will learn universal messages of truth and hope to spark their own light.